Welcome to Mac Casino, an Australian site dedicated to providing legitimate reviews of the best real money casino sites for Mac. As long-time Mac users ourselves we know that it can be tough to find OSX compatible software for Mac devices including iMac, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. We also know what it is like to go to an online casino site only to find there are no OSX-friendly games that can be played for real money. It took us quite some time to find the most suitable casinos that matched our requirements so we put together this site to reflect what we think are the best gambling hubs based on our findings. Ranging in games from slots, poker, roulette, blackjack and craps, you will find the highest-paying Mac compatible casinos on the web listed here on this site that also are regulated, secure and pay out fast.

Most of the casino sites existing nowadays offer Mac friendly platforms but now all of them give justice to the specifications and power Apple computers provide. There are also a lot of casinos with differentiating payouts and sketchy operations. For us we like to find the best balance between all worlds and receive the most fun, interactive and highest paying games in the online world. We also want to make sure our financials are safe and that the casino is legally certified. In light of this, we list some factors below that need to be taken into consideration, which are also reflected in the recommended casinos associated with this site.


If you are lucky, most casino hubs only offer up to HD resolution. For most Mac devices, they run either Full HD or WQHD resolution and now even run up to 5K resolution. Mac users like us buy computers such as MacBook Pro in order to enjoy higher resolution and fully take in what Retina display technology has to offer. The above casinos luckily operate in at least Full HD, which means you do not sacrifice much resolution experience. There is talk in the industry these casinos will move into 4K resolution over the next year due to growing demand for compatible software but this is still not confirmed.

Graphics and Speed

Mac users are used to some of the fastest devices in the market and want the applications they access to reflect the same experience. Some games have poor lag and the graphics do not warrant a mac user’s attention. The above casino are developed by Microgaming, a professional gaming software developer specializing in online casino games. They use only the highest-quality specifications in their software and are known for being creative, graphic as well as entertaining – all of which we believe warrants a great casino. Microgaming is also internationally regulated and overall recognized as one of the top casino software developers in the market.


If you are playing a casino game most likely it is in order to win cash. While land-based casinos are traditionally thought to be the only medium to achieve this, online casino hubs are in fact considered better due to their high payout percentages. The above casinos in fact have over 97% paybacks, which means the likelihood of you losing is very little. The payouts are set by each casino and embedded into the software upon which they are verified from the International Gaming Authority in Malta. This organization is considered world-renown for monitoring online casino fairness and is recognized from governments all over the world.


The specifications, compatibility and payouts are all one thing but is gambling online even legal? In Australia, players can access online casinos legally due to protection under the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001, which basically states that Aussies do not have to pay taxes and are not subject to legal ramifications for participating in online casino hubs that are regulated. As mentioned, the casinos at this site are regulated and therefore do not pose any risk to players.

Getting More from Mac Casino

The above factors outline the most important aspects to keep in mind while visiting a casino site. In addition to covering these, we here at Mac Casino also keep you up to date on Apple trends and developments in addition to providing the latest news, games and trends in the online casino world. We also provide tips on how to play games such as blackjack and poker, and recommend the best casinos for certain games such as pokies.

Get Started

The casinos above are our top recommendations and by following them you will receive different bonuses depending on the casino you choose. We suggest that you take a look at what games you want to play the most and go from there before choosing which casino best suits you. The Mac compatible platforms are well trusted among the gambling community in Australia and across the world so we trust you will surely find what you are looking to play.